Saturday, August 30, 2008

weekday weekends weekday weekends

so i wish it gets cold soon. my skin is baking and i do not like it one bit. i love to walk and jog but not when the sun glares down on me. 
walking across the skyways of the city has its pleasant moments, but breathing in fresh (*cough*) air and listening to the soundtrack of the city is much more placid, for me anyways. i think i sound slightly crazy, just slightly. well, the cold air might come sooner then i think it will...i'll start whining about that soon too. 


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

all at once....or not so much

the black bang acrylic + graphite on newsprint

gun flag acrylic + graphite on newsprint

frost acrylic + graphite on newsprint

by tree acrylic + graphite on newsprint

new work that i also posted on my flickr. all of these are pretty tiny (23x30cm). but i managed to get off of my lazy butt and get some larger rolls of paper to work on. the last post was one of them and there are few finished ones in my studio.

bye y'all

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

alright henry, we got you

peasants of the pavements acrylic, graphite and watercolour on paper
about 2ft x 3ft

inspired by the freaky masks that my next door neighbours wear every other saturday.



to:you acrylic + graphite on newsprint