Friday, May 23, 2008

oh carrie

no lush (acrylic + watercolour + india ink on wood)

a new painting done on wednesday night. very warm when i look at it now and noticed that she slightly resembles carrie bradshaw. of course that was totally something i was not aiming for but it just so happened .... i don't think many will notice, hopefully. besides her style is pure fab. what i enjoyed the most was the texture of wood. when you touch it feels like the skin of a beast, which is strange due to the layers of aged acrylic on it. it's been painted on over and over and over again. there even used to be this pretty bad portrait of nicole krauss that i did when i was sixteen or so. it's an old heavy piece of wood but for now...i think i am done with it. literally. it will be showing at Gallery 1988 San Francisco sometime around June along with some other pieces.
-bye bye


Tim Lamb said...

looks really great
the legs detail is my favorite

Anonymous said...

its strange how a few years pass and the surface becomes more akin to and quite unlike tha thing we once knew. hmmm just imagine if humanity were such a plane. nicely done. shibazz