Wednesday, June 11, 2008

button + penny

it rained throughout the night and into the morning.
the outside world looks nice at the momment...but that's because it's 9am
i was cleaning up today and thought of posting some pictures of my sketchbook.
i think i have before but it was just two pages. despite the fact that i normally work with a white background, i try to make sure my sketch book isn't a clean white surface. i feel more comfortable with a bit a stain and dirt throughout page or at least a shade darker. i'm also quite obssessed with text and old pages of books. i tear out the ones i've read and paste them here and there throughout the sketchbook.
i am making some new sketches and hopefully will manage to get my lazy hands to grab a camera and take snapshots.
hmm. what else? oh, i finally managed to get so this is goodbye by the junior boys (i'm so in love with that album) i need to get last exit.

* the lily cole drawing to the right is by david downton (my hero...*grin*)

-bye y'all

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