Wednesday, August 26, 2009

(me a people's person)

for some reason it dawned on me that i never owned a moleskine in my life.... and i should own a moleskine?
but i'm not sure, they look lovely and the pages feel great but i'm just not sure if that would make a difference for me or not.


ATom1746 said...

Hello CW!
Good to see you updating Blogspot again :) Yes Moleskines are awesome, I use them for sketching and scrapbooking etc, you can get ones with watercolour paper also! Super neat.

cherri wood said...

they have ones for watercolour? that neat...i should find that.


ATom1746 said...

They sure do, check it out:

I have one full of paintings and drawings and print-outs and magazine bits, like a big scrap book of inspiring things, including a lot of your stuff CW! I almost got a print of 'stupid bear' but the exchange rate and postage made it a bit expensive. How sad for me.

cherri wood said...

nice. thanks for the link :)