Monday, May 20, 2013

I have been pondering on what to actually do next concerning drawing and occasionally found myself getting tripped up. However, the feeling is rather short and I hope it keeps at bay. A friend once told me that I should just have a little book dedicated to every and any idea that decides to welcome itself into my head and finish it...then go through and find things that will make you say: "Hmm, now maybe that might work.". Another friend just said to make a series of the same idea and then weed out the ones that you feel are working. Maybe I will try both and see how that turns out. Despite the fact that I feel fine with making small paintings, I do wish to make a large one- or, at least one that is normally not something I would do. They do seem to look better when blown up- I might give that a go too. No harm in that, I'm sure. 

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